embark on a dream

Falling Moon Productions is the new organization for all of Eva Moon’s creative work in screenwriting, film production, playwriting, stage production.


  • Feature: HOUSE ODDSWhen a party girl loses her family’s trailer park to a con man, she kidnaps a former gambling pro to win it back — even though he’s now more than a few chips short of a pot. Genre: Comedy Status: Optioned, PAGE Awards finalist
  • Short: 50 SHADES OF GPS – A woman is driven to obsession by the seductive voice of her GPS. Genre: Comedy Status: Post-production
  • Short: SKINWe believe our skin is a borderland between inside and out, self and other, life and death, until… Genre: Drama
  • Short: THE DOLL – In 1905 Ukraine, a little Jewish gains a magnificent doll – and a moment of humanity – from a murderous cossack. Genre: Drama, short
  • Feature: UNRAVELED – When a biker gang threatens their turf, the ladies of the local knitting club go to war – only to end up joining forces with them to save their home from a bigger threat. Genre: Comedy, AFF semi-finalist
  • Feature: Donna Coyote – A woman driven by magical visions of her flower child youth embarks on a lunatic cross-country quest to bring back the Age of Aquarius. Genre: Comedy/Drama


  • The Home for Dead Fairytale Mothers – Everyone knows about the wicked stepmothers, but what about their birth mothers? Meet the original First Wives Club. Full length play.
  • First You Jump – Five very different characters face extraordinary choices that will change their lives irrevocably. But, like all of us, each must commit to a decision without knowing if it’s the right one. Full length play with music or five short solo plays.
  • The Mutant Diaries: Unzipping My GenesA personal, humorous journey through the life-altering challenge of dealing with the BRCA genetic mutation and the high risk of breast and ovarian cancer it creates. Solo musical.